Bothos x Brionvega May 17 2013

On March 4th 2010 BOTHOS on 20 Hollywood Road, held a very successful party for the collaborative exhibition with Italian heritage design brand Brionvega. The two Italian brands are brought together by a strong focus on design and offering excellence in product craftsmanship.

The BOTHOS store was transformed into a beautiful display of Brionvega products, complete with the iconic Radio-phonograph in the window.

The DJ, also in the window provided 60’s and 70’s music to the party and a show to passerby’s and guests outside the store. Guests enjoyed Italian prosecco, rum drinks and soft drinks in small bottles reminiscent of that era, as well as club sandwiches and chips! The crowds were spilling onto the Hollywood Road junction past 11:30pm with a mix of the Italian and design community, as well as customers from the Bothos store.

Classic products from Brionvega such as the radio and TV Doney, Algos and CuboGlass generated much interest on the night.  In honor of this collaboration BOTHOS also produce a limited-edition canvas and leather shopper bag with Brionvega prints to be sold exclusively (price $680) at the flagship BOTHOS store.

Situated on the busy cultural crossroad of Hollywood Road, the BOTHOS store is innovation itself by combining a traditional-contemporary vision into design, inspired by travel, leather mastery techniques and admiration for details and the hand-made.  Makes it a perfect location to host an Italian heritage brand like Brionvega and their industrial designs from the golden 60’ and 70’s.