S/S 2010 Collection 1: Dandy India May 28 2013

‘Travel’ is a founding inspiration of the BOTHOS world and concept. This time our journey stops in India. Starting with the first window ‘Dandy India’,  followed by ‘The Legend of the White Elephant’, Bothos will display new bags every week starting March 9th for one month.


India is a beautiful land that exudes tradition and contradictions. The Bothos traveler through India approaches his journey with a sophisticated yet unique style. The ‘dandy’ icon represents the elegance of the couture style, mixed with an exasperate originality.

The result is a very personal and unmistakable look. The dandy is an egocentric individual who wants to astonish and make him/herself different, following a very special lifestyle, fashion and mentality. India drags our dandy to a very spiritual yet real place, where this collection was born.

The ‘Dandy India’ mood features some of Bothos’ ‘perfect shape’ bags that proved successful last season.  Styles as the Anil Small, Boshay, Assam, Sherpa, Lasha, Drokpa and Nomad have all been re-interpreted with new colors, treatments and decorated with new delightful details. This season they appear more affected by use, experience with colour tones that are dustier and duller. A new style has been added to the range, a versatile maxi-pouch that is foldable and worn on the hip with extendable pockets on one side. All styles are multi-functional with adjustable or detachable straps and various pockets and zipped areas that give way to a multitude of different compartments. Antique brass buckles give this piece a vintage effect, yet combined with modern design and metal studs, are reminiscent of military style and durability.

In terms of material, linen is very representative of Bothos and is key in this collection. The linen has been stringently hand-dyed 10 meters at a time to give it a unique character.  Some of which has been purposefully damaged through a special washing and chalk printed process used to produce a limited edition collection available from end of March. Deer leather that has been naturally dyed to keep its character will continue to be the most luxury leather of choice, while the Olona cloth, very popular last season, is offered in new appealing colors. The natural colour palette ranges from shades of sand to military green, a Buddhist red, a thick mauve, sweet mustard and nude.

The Bothos ‘Dandy India’ collection is a re-interpretation of luxury, a new luxury that is visible yet discreet. It is in the details, from the valuable material used to the application of different treatments that this luxury is manifest.  It is represented in the precision and quality of each bag, typical of the couturiers’ traditions and the offer of sublime unique pieces that can still be part of daily life. The bags are unique pieces, thanks to amazing hand made details, such as the use of coral stone embroideries made with silver threads or unexpected inside lining made with precious cloth.