Opium Road Mood May 28 2013

The store window on Hollywood Road gives passerby a further glimpse into the BOTHOS world and to launch A/W 2010 the world represents the Opium Road.

Black lanterns evoke a dark fumoir feel with the ‘Feng’ style bag in off-white displayed, sat on an opium bed with a silver pipe. The bag itself takes on a human form as if smoking to give visual life into the imaginary world. Each object in the window has a meaning; the birdcage to the left of the window represent the idea that opium can open one’s imagination but can also be a prison of the mind. The opium bed is a direct reference and was an item of furniture that was already in the store.

Prevailing is the colour black used on the lamps and dark brown of the bed and furnishings, that contrast with the light coloured bag making it the main focal point of the display. Let Bothos take you on this visually stimulating and imaginative journey through the mind this Autumn/Winter.