About Us

BOTHOS is an innovative Italian brand created by Luigino Bottos in 2009. Luigino spent over 30 years dedicated to the creative world of fashion where he gained knowledge, taste and an insightful vision that led him to choose Hong Kong as the base for his creative laboratory / style office, also known as Laborathory. As the city we believe best expresses the contemporary world, Hong Kong is part of the modern day Silk Road, an ideal meeting point of East and West. Luigino’s passion encourages him to incessantly search for the fine balance between vision, creativity and technique.

The BOTHOS flagship store is located on 20 Hollywood Road in Hong Kong, A Concept store that is not only a retail space, but also an event space, art gallery and window to the entire Bothos world & Imaginarium. The offering includes BOTHOS bags, jewellery made in the internal laboratory and exclusive Limited edition pieces.

“The Journey” and “en-route Reflection” are part and parcel to the BOTHOS Imaginarium.

The Journey is along a modern Silk Road: real physical contact at the transition between East and West which swells with exchanges, goods, ideas, culture and tradition, thus becoming images of places seen and experience absorbed; all embodied by the BOTHOS design.

Close with and connected to the world of Travel, this concept is interpreted as a new fashion outdoors strongly present in the “new traveller generation”. For BOTHOS it is crucial to find the Perfect Shape: bags studied and made to fully address the needs of a new world citizen. Travel is a daily journey and BOTHOS is meant to adorn one for all adventures of everyday metropolitan life. Modern and unique shapes, made with innovative and high performance materials (inspired by hyper durability and technology) often incorporate intense aesthetic themes that have inspired generation of Orientalists, such as embroidery made by Indian masters or intricately woven kimono fabrics. Throughout, one may find unexpected materials, precious leathers and workmanship, sometimes delicately modified or only visible through layers of colors or a sinuous symbol.


“ C H E    N E S S U N O    C O L O N I Z Z I    I L    T U O    E S S E R E ”



Key Terminology: Remove borders, Fusion, Antithesis



Key Terminology: Value, Appearance, Sustainability

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