Bothos Laborathory HK is the physical as well as conceptual location where the BOTHOS style lines are defined, developed, and created.
A team of creatives & designers coordinated by Chiara Varotto (Italian Stylist & Creative) start from an inspiration related to the BOTHOS concept and imagery to then search, experiment, propose and implement ideas.
Luigino Bottos & Chiara Varotto’s research method was built upon the Couturier approach of BOTHOS Laborathory in order to guarantee that every single accessory is realized “a regola d’arte” to the standard or rule of art and workmanship, “while maintaining the original style footprint and high quality details.”
Our purpose is to combine design & functionality innovative materials to create unique and performing products.
Obsessive attention to quality connects with the intellectual dimension to form a final, original product through traditional handcraft methods of Italian master leather craftsmen.
Exhaustive study and consideration of size / proportion permutations address the issue of fit of the accessory when worn, striving to steal from and at the same time become closer to the realm of art.
Exploration and continual study of details from the external world / existing moods create new features of wear-ability.
The Perfect Shape balances the fine line between bare essentials and Luxury Limited Editions, bringing the heritage of Italian leather handcraft and makers’ abilities back into the 21st century, but also with modern technologies and innovation.
Bags often focus on bespoke unisex / un-gender through short-run collaborative design items united within a clean simple aesthetic.
BOTHOS Laborathory is a place where experiments never cease to teach, inspired by a world rich in visual imagery and creativity, a world in which there exists a constant quest for innovation.
We are going back to “the outdoors” with a new perspective and new idea of travel on the Modern Silk Road .
Traveling from Venice (with all the Italian Heritage) to the Contemporary East.
The link between Creativity, fashion Outdoors and Nature is a journey and the continued research of a New Luxury: time for yourself.
“ Ideas are all derived from our conscience, but one can only create when one knows and supersedes the present existence and looks to the future. This is the condition of mankind and should be reflected in true design ”.
- Luigino Bottos -

Laborathory is also a consulting company where it is possible to collaborate and create new projects with support from the team and to take advantage of our professional and work experience in design, ideation, brand building and brand image, creating exclusive materials, and product development directly with us in our proprietary factory.

Key Terminology:

Couturier approach ,” Regola d’arte “ , Intellectual dimension and attitude, Fit, Design, Art

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